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Decision-making processes on where to locate are far from perfect, being it increasingly harder to position and promote a location’s value proposition. At SIfdi, we help Government Investment Promotion Agencies at different levels attract and retain more foreign investments.


Decision-making processes on where to locate are far from perfect, subjective and biased. Successful investment attraction requires a clear strategic direction and a thorough analysis of the strengths and potential of a given region, coupled with a deep understanding of the sectors and markets that offer the greatest opportunities. We can help you optimize your resources when defining and putting in practice your investment promotion efforts.


We can help you elaborate or update your location’s value proposition and sales pitch, in a way that they accurately and positively describe its current offering and showcase its differential characteristics when compared to other potential destinations, helping you build and further consolidate the desired brand. This unique selling proposition should also contribute to offer a clearer idea of the existing investment opportunities, which could be used both to generate interest among potential investors foreign to your location, as well as to encourage those who, in spite of being familiar with it, they might be seeing it with other eyes.


At SIfdi we can help you improve different organizational aspects of your agency, including management, communication, marketing, promotion and human resources, optimizing its existing structure and improving its alignment with the overall strategic objectives of the agency and the entity it belongs to. This will be achieved through some of the best practices identified in investment agencies of similar size and context, taking into account their degree of compatibility with the specific situation of your entity and without forgetting the critical corporate governance and the existing relationships with its stakeholders.


With the increasing importance of social networks and the Internet in everyday life, it is critical for investment agencies to devote the appropriate resources to understand and use them as client acquisition channels, sources of business intelligence and new means of reaching and interacting with potential and existing investors. We can help you identify and prioritize your different target audiences, select the key messages with the highest potential and develop your online content plan, as well as to define the communication strategy to follow and to follow it.


Most companies consider only a fraction of potential investment locations when analyzing where to locate, being it necessary for most agencies to make an extra effort to make their locations clearly visible. Together with our international network, we are providers of high quality inward investment and location marketing solutions in Spain and in selected geographies, and we can help you produce valuable materials, secure high quality leads and inward investment opportunities for your agency and organize promotion events and campaigns that help your location receive the attention it deserves.


Established foreign companies can become a location’s best ally when promoting and developing its local attractiveness, acting as ambassadors and representatives of its brand in the international community. Understanding their needs and helping them on the administrative, operational and strategic levels can help maximize their contribution to the local economic development. We can help your agency successfully build and put in practice your investor aftercare and retention programs, speeding up that process, as well as extending your collaborator and prescriptor networks, helping you cover your information demands and increasing the reach of your commercial network.


Since the beginning of the 90s, investment promotion has become more competitive and complex, a trend that has been aggravated by the current economic crisis. Investment Promotion Agencies have to adapt to the new trends and changes in a context of strong budget cuts, forcing their managers and employees to increase their performance while keeping up with the new realities. At Sifdi we can provide both customized in-house trainings, thematic seminars and coaching services to all levels of the company.

Customer Relationship Management

As the activity of an investment promotion agency extends in time and the number of projects it takes part in grows, it is increasingly necessary to rely on the appropriate tools and services that allow the whole team to face the new levels of workload and to extract as much value as possible from the information that is generated and managed, while ensuring the continuity of the business against all odds. In spite of it, most of the investment agencies face this situation with systems and procedures inherited from the past or from other entities, not always optimized for the investment attraction tasks.

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Services for Investors

Making a decision on where to locate can be a subjective and biased process, affected by bureaucracy, imperfect competition and distorted stereotypes and perceptions. We can help your company speed up this process in a professional, structured and efficient manner, saving you time and reducing risks.


We can help you gather, order and understand all the practical and context information you will need to make appropriate location decision when planning your investment projects. Let us help you understand and evaluate the different options available, and identify the right location for your project, based on a comprehensive analysis of your needs and their offer.


Together with our local partners, we can provide full support during all phases of the investment project, helping you optimize your time and assuring a smooth implementation process, avoiding unnecessary risks and costly delays.


We cooperate with our customers in designing the right strategy to achieve a financial offer that betters the competition and eliminates risks in export and foreign investment operations. We can help you evaluate and maximize the existing incentive plans in different potential locations and optimize the financing alternatives for your project.


There are situations and opportunities when the optimal path to establishing in a new location is not a greenfield project. We can assist your firm in corporate investment decision-making, offering support, facilitation and intermediation services for Mergers and Acquisitions and Joint Ventures.